More Hummingbirds

Yup, I admit it. I am just terrible about blogging. I can promise to do better but we’ll see.

In any case, exciting news. I’ve just been commissioned to paint four more hummingbirds. This will round out a set of Hummingbirds of the United States and Canada. Hooray! I’m excited to get started since I really love painting birds and hummingbirds in particular.

Teaching Art

Today I start teaching art at the Atlanta Montessori International School. I’ll be the school art teacher and will be teaching first through eighth grade. It’s a challenge that I am really looking forward to!

Black Star Hen

Black Star Hen

I’ve been wanting to paint or draw my chickens for quite some time.  So meet Dr. Pepper, the last and most ornery of my flock of chickens.

People Sketches


I’ve been wanting to put together a portfolio of sketches of people and thought I would start with my niece and dog. It’s rather sweet!

First Hominins


Australopithecine Tool Users

I’ve been hired by Sarah Hrdy to produce two images of hominins; one of very early tool users and another showing a cooperative family grouping. In this piece, I chose to represent Australopithecines, perhaps afarensis or sediba, using rocks to crack nuts. Notice how carefully the juvenile is watching the demonstrator.  Working on these projects is  the most fun I’ve had in ages. I had no idea I liked the human form so much. It’s fascinating to try and produce emotional expression through body language. Plus, I’m actually illustrating concepts from my own field of research. How great is that!

Atlanta, City of Trees

I just rediscovered this sketch in my drawing pad. I fondly remember driving around to various parts of Atlanta trying to find a view that captured the on-the-ground feel of our city, a city surrounded and embraced by trees.

Dock spider


I met this lovely lady last week while on vacation in Northern Minnesota and took about a billion photos. My family thinks I’m nuts. I wouldn’t allow anyone to disturb this Mom and her babies so, for a whole week, during the peak of summer, no one but me dared to sit on one of three Adirondack chairs on the dock. Guess that is one way of reserving myself a nice spot!



I’ve been really wanting to do some pen and ink again so I pulled out my crow quills this weekend. I just love the intensity of the wet, black lines flowing from the point of the pen. I love being able to shape the lines with just the littlest bit of pressure. When you think about it, it’s funny to have such a sensuous experience while simultaneously dwelling on all the minutiae and detail in a subject like this bee!




Western bluebird, Sialia mexicana

Just finished and shipped the Bluebird of Happiness. There are some pieces that come together effortlessly and yet are among my best. The hummingbird was like that and now the bluebird. Hmmmm, think it has to do with my liking birds?