Dock spider


I met this lovely lady last week while on vacation in Northern Minnesota and took about a billion photos. My family thinks I’m nuts. I wouldn’t allow anyone to disturb this Mom and her babies so, for a whole week, during the peak of summer, no one but me dared to sit on one of three Adirondack chairs on the dock. Guess that is one way of reserving myself a nice spot!


2 thoughts on “Dock spider”

  1. Beautiful! Glad to meet you at GNSI Conference. Have been asked to exhibit my scientific illustrations at the Athens, Academy; will keep you posted for a reception.

    Are you going to illustrate this lovely creature?

    1. Absolutely! I did my master’s degree on maternal care in spiders so this is a particularly appealing subject.

      It was great to meet you too. Please do send me an invite!

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